Restaurant Review

By the time we got to Sausalito, we were ready to eat!  With only 60 minutes until the next bus left, we had to hurry. We originally wanted to get a hamburger so we could picnic in the park. but I think everyone had the same idea. We found this really cool Mexican restaurant named Copita’s, and they promised to have us in and out of there in 40 minutes.

This place is cute, with a nice little patio on the sidewalk.  There is also a fire roaring behind the bar, which adds a lovely glow to the room. The restrooms are clean.


Let’s Eat

We started with chips and Guacamole, which was really tasty and finished with the lobster tacos. The iced tea was also really great too!


While the lobster tacos were delicious, they were quite pricey at 10 per mini taco. For lunch, I would say that’s a little too much for a taco, but that’s just the opinion of a girl who hails from Texas where tacos, lobster or chicken, are part of the everyday diet.

Customer Service:

I have to give Service an extra star for keeping their word and getting us out in the 40 minutes promised.

Have you eaten at Copita’s in Sausalito, CA? Share your visit with me in the comments below!


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