daythreeI signed up for an 8am bus tour to Muir Woods and Sausalito through Viator.  I was really looking forward to being one with all that “Mother Earth” has to offer in these gigantic redwoods that are truly spectacular.

Muir Woods

Muir Woods

It was a cool, but clear day when we visited Muir Woods. Just a scenic bus ride away, this tour is a must on your adventure through San Francisco.

It is truly unbelievable how Mother Nature has blessed this part of the country.



Sausalito is a cute little city. It’s the kinda place you would want to live if you won the lottery . When taking this picture, it made me wonder who lives in the pretty colored homes.

Dining: Lunch At Copita’s


Bay Cruise

With the Muir Woods tour came free tickets to take a bay cruise. This was the perfect ending to a wonderful day.


Golden Gate Bridge

When the cruise boat went under the Golden Gate Bridge I was in total awe of this structure.  You really get a unique view when you are up close and personal with this amazing bridge.



One of the highlights of this cruise was seeing Alcatraz and I was able to get some amazing pictures of this iconic prison island.

Have you been to San Francisco, CA? Share your visit with me in the comments below!


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