South Florida

It was a quiet day at home in Sunny South Florida. Dad had to work all day,  Mom and I spent a few hours at the office so she could finish her work before leaving, and I could work on this travel blog.

South Florida

We had a great lunch at Panera in the Pompano Beach Mall and decided to do some shopping but changed our minds quickly. It was so damned hot, we just wanted to go home and watch a movie!

Movie Time

Everest. It was a great movie but, probably not the best one to watch before heading to Machu Picchu at 9,000 ft up. LoL

It made me nervous about the altitude sickness and just being able to breathe right. Lord, I hope I’m in good enough shape for this trip. The OLD fat girl anxieties had a moment, but I am not gonna let that stop me at all!! I have a walking stick if needed and the good ole coca leaves, tea & candy should help with altitude sickness.

South Florida

It is now 10pm and time to head off to bed. The morning will be here before we know it, and we need to be ready when the driver gets here!  I’m so excited, I hope I can sleep!!

What are your Summer 2016 vacation plans? Share your story with me in the comments below!


Born and raised in South Florida, Angela Moved to Houston 10 years ago to follow her dreams with a corporate start-up. Ten years later, she is now following a new dream of retiring from corporate life in five years to travel full time as a sponsored travel blogger. Come along the journey with her as she makes the dream come true.

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