The children of Peru are so adorable, and they loved to have their picture taken. They would often sing this cute little “Say Cheese” song in Spanish each time they posed.


One of the best things I brought with me on this trip, was a bag of candy for the kids.  It’s a luxury they don’t have and their faces would just light up at the thought of getting this sweet treat from a friendly tourist.

Every Child Is A Different Kind Of Flower And All Together Make This World A Beautiful Garden

Give Back When Traveling


Another special moment was the day of “The Sun Festival“.  There were thousands of children with their families enjoying the festivities. Our tour had provided bagged lunches, but we went to a restaurant to watch the ceremony.  Instead of letting the food go to waste, we gave it away to all the little ones. It felt really great to watch the smiles on their faces as you gave them a sandwich or piece of fruit.  As I think back to those moments, they have ignited the need to volunteer and give back during my travels.   They have inspired me to review a trip to Cambodia to teach English to the orphaned children as a must do bucket list moment. #GiveBackWhenTraveling

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