Dark Days

Losing my beloved husband unexpectedly in 2015 to cancer was the darkest year of my life. There were times I didn’t think I could get out of bed. The days dragged on forever and the nights were even longer. Lost and confused, I was not in a good place.


A New Year

When 2016 came around I made a promise to myself and to Gary. I would not wallow in self-pity, self-doubt, or any other negative energy that came my way.  It was time to face life’s challenge head on and not be afraid. I wanted to honor the years we spent together and I wanted to continue making him proud of me.

Suddenly You Just Know It’s Time To Start Something New And Trust In The Magic Of Beginnings


Health Is The Key To Life

Staying healthy is important to me.  I focused on physical exercise and internal self-examination. What did I want out of my life now that a fork in the road had presented itself?

I continued the work it takes to keep 200 pounds of weight off for the past five years. I don’t ever forget where I came from. I’ve battled the demons of an eating disorder and come out the victor! For those with the struggle, all I can say is keep fighting. You can win! Some days will be bad, some days will be good and some days will be great!  That’s life! Learn to deal with your feelings and wake up the next day with a smile on your face and love in your heart.


Silence Is Golden

I’ve learned how to be alone. I spent a lot of time writing and reflecting in silence this year. After 30 years of marriage and living with another person, being solitary was the hardest and biggest change for me. As weird as it sounds, for the first time in my life I found out I enjoy my own company.


May Flowers

In May I turned the big 5-0. For me, this wasn’t a tragic setback or anything. I marked the milestone with great enthusiasm and felt I was getting stronger every day. I say bring on the best years of my life!!


The Summer

June brought a new experience with international travel.  Going to Machu Picchu, one of the 7 Wonders of the World, with my parents was a trip of a lifetime that sparked the travel bug within my heart. I was forever changed both spiritually and emotionally during those two weeks spent in Peru.


Writing With Purpose

I started this travel blog to share my experiences and adventures along the way. I plan on making travel a regular part of my new life. has been so much fun and such a creative outlet. I’ve always enjoyed writing and have found a new love in photography as well. I am excited about all my travel plans for the upcoming year. Vegas in the Spring, North Carolina in the Summer, Maine in the Fall and back to Orlando, Florida in December for a Disney Holiday Family Reunion. The year will fly by.


Trip To San Francisco

In September I got to take an amazing trip to San Francisco with my friend, Laurie. It was so much fun exploring the city, meeting new people, and just being in the moment to experience such a great city. This trip was another milestone in feeding my traveling soul.


Weekend In Austin, Tx

What a great weekend this was!  Time away from the every day is always a fantastic way to get rejuvenated for life’s unexpected twists and turns.

Seeing the Capital for the first time and learning about the city’s great historic past was so much fun.

Austin is such a vibrant city full of interesting parks, restaurants, shops, bars, and activists.  I have great respect for those that fight for our rights as United States citizens living in Texas. I can’t wait to go back!


My Career

I celebrated a ten year anniversary in my IT career. Again hard work and dedication have been recognized, and I start my dream promotion in January leading Tech-Ops Project Managers to success! With leadership and change comes great responsibility and I will be ready to conquer.


Winter In Florida

The second week of December always proves itself to have the coldest weather in Houston. This year, I headed to Pompano Beach and Ft Myers. Two of my most favorite places to visit!  I always seem to find myself stronger in so many ways after spending quality time with my parents.


Bought A House

December 14, 2016 will be a day I never forget!! I bought the home of my dreams!  Another check off my bucket list! I am now a first time home owner! I am looking forward to truly making this my forever home. The best part, I was in Florida with my mom and dad so we got to experience all the joy and celebrations together!!

For those looking to buy your perfect dream home and in need of a qualified and friendly real estate agent, contact Sarah Cruse at Champion Real Estate Group, 26119 Interstate 45 #206, Spring, TX 77380 – License #651884 – Telephone Number 281-908-6421.  She really made the whole home buying process fun and easy.  She listened to what I wanted and found the perfect property in my budget very quickly.  I would highly recommend Sarah for all your home buying needs and will be forever thankful to her for making my dreams come true.Self-Discovery

A New Year

And the circle of life continues.  A year later, I  am blessed in so many ways. I am climbing the ladder of life. I still have a long way to go until I reach heaven to be with my beloved again, but I sure do look forward to each step and adventure along the way.

I have amazing parents.  My son, whom I love to the moon and back is 23 and doing well. I am happy & healthy.  I have realized It’s okay for my life to be all about me. I’ve earned it! I am looking forward to the future, living in my dream home and traveling to wondrous places, experiencing new adventures.  It really is true what they say . . .

With hard work, determination, and a strong desire to successfully change your life’s path, it can be done.

Dear Universe: In closing, I ask that 2017 be as kind and gentle as you were in 2016 and I will be as open and free to receive your blessings.

With Love & Light,



It was definitely time for a weekend trip!  I have been working like crazy and needed a break! When I need rejuvenated, I take a trip. Since I only had the weekend off, this one included visiting some great friends in Austin, TX.


I decided to give MegaBus a try and it was just wonderful. I can’t drive my Camaro round trip for $40 bucks that’s for sure! It’s a straight two hours and 25 minutes with no stops! It was the perfect time to spend working on my blog with Free Wi-Fi and charging ports are available. It could not have been easier or more enjoyable.  I will be utilizing MegaBus on a future trip to San Antonio, TX. So stay tuned!!


Clock Tower At The University Of Texas

Today the Clock Tower at the University of Texas stands tall and proud, but it has a troubled history in its past. Charles Whitman climbed the observation deck armed with an assortment of guns. On the anniversary of this tragic event, the dark tower’s observation day is lit with a white cap.

Tour Information:

  • There are student-led, self-guided tours available for $6.00.
  •  Check Student website for further information and tour times.


What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” is a 1993 American film directed by Lasse Hallström. Starring Johnny Depp, Juliette Lewis, Darlene Cates and Leonardo DiCaprio.

This classic movie is set in the fictional town of Endora, Iowa, but filming completed in a suburb of Austin. Remember the water tower that Leonardo DiCaprio’s character loved to climb? It still stands today and is a historic landmark in Manor, Texas.


Austin, Texas – State Capitol

One of the things I love most about traveling is learning about the history of the place I’m visiting. Below are five things I learned, that I bet you didn’t know about the Texas State Capitol.

  1. The builders of the Texas State Capitol were given 3 million acres of land as payment for their work. The 3 million acres became the largest cattle ranch in the world.
  2. The current building design was selected through a national design competition.
  3. The architecture is late 19th century. The city created laws prohibiting any other buildings to block its view of the city.
  4. The Texas State Capitol is the largest in gross square footage of all state capitols.
  5. During your visit, don’t say anything you don’t want repeating! The rotunda is a whispering gallery.


McKinney Falls State Park

The Falls at McKinney State Park were quite dry from lack of rain over the past few months in Austin. We still had a great time hiking the trails and just enjoying the fantastic weather.


We got a rare glimpse of the caverns under the water with divers swimming down into their depths. I wouldn’t go down there that’s for sure!  We had a family BBQ, and this amazing sunset was the perfect way to spend my last night in Austin.


Have you been to Austin, TX? Share your visit with me in the comments below!!!


Hotel Review

We stayed at Hotel Whitcomb while in San Francisco.  This boutique hotel has a rich and long history and subsequently has been renovated many times over.


Our room was overlooking Market Street. It was fun to watch the city go by, especially the cable cars when we were resting. While Market Street is not in the best area, there is security on-site 24/7.


The lobby is quite lovely with its rich mahogany woodwork, Austrian crystal chandeliers, Tiffany glass, Italian marble floors, and polished brass fixtures.


The rooms are clean, but nothing spectacular stood out about them.

The fixtures are dated, and the bathrooms are small with no real counter space.


The hotel does provide free Wi-Fi, but the connection was not available in our room, so that was a colossal disappointment! A girl needs her Wi-Fi.


Concierge did help me arrange Lorrie’s Shuttle Service back to the airport, so that was easy.  The cost was $17.00, which was reasonable. It was lucky, however, that I am an early-bird because the shuttle was more than 15 minutes late on a Monday morning so plan ahead!

I am not sure exactly what this room would have cost for the four days I was in San Francisco. I was lucky enough to stay there at no cost when my friend was undergoing two weeks of training for an IT company.

This is a budget friendly hotel where you can be comfortable for a few days while in the city, but nothing extravagant or upscale.

Have you stayed at Hotel Whitcomb? Share your visit with me in the comments below!

Restaurant Review

By the time we got to Sausalito, we were ready to eat!  With only 60 minutes until the next bus left, we had to hurry. We originally wanted to get a hamburger so we could picnic in the park. but I think everyone had the same idea. We found this really cool Mexican restaurant named Copita’s, and they promised to have us in and out of there in 40 minutes.

This place is cute, with a nice little patio on the sidewalk.  There is also a fire roaring behind the bar, which adds a lovely glow to the room. The restrooms are clean.


Let’s Eat

We started with chips and Guacamole, which was really tasty and finished with the lobster tacos. The iced tea was also really great too!


While the lobster tacos were delicious, they were quite pricey at 10 per mini taco. For lunch, I would say that’s a little too much for a taco, but that’s just the opinion of a girl who hails from Texas where tacos, lobster or chicken, are part of the everyday diet.

Customer Service:

I have to give Service an extra star for keeping their word and getting us out in the 40 minutes promised.

Have you eaten at Copita’s in Sausalito, CA? Share your visit with me in the comments below!